Summer is Here! Let the Craziness Begin

As you all know, many of our little Starz are working child actors and models in NYC’s fashion/ film/ stage industries. For them (and their parents) the next 3 months are going to be absolutely crazy. Auditions, castings and call backs are on the agenda, often requiring daily trips to Manhattan.

So how do our Starz react to all work and no camp? in 3 words…THEY LOVE IT! This is a very special environment, where the kids make life long friendships. Its really great to bump into other East Coast Starz in auditions and castings, and it is truly amazing how much support, and encouragement these girls give each other!



We’re So Social

So as you all know, we are the queens of Facebook! We absolutely love it. In between being show biz moms and managing our business, we update our statuses, post pictures, and like, like, like!

While Facebook is our domain, we recently noticed, that so many of our little model friends are ruling Instagram. It is such a perfect platform for anyone in this business, because it let’s the visuals speak for themselves, and you can interact with photographers, editors, and casting directors, literally putting your pictures in front of them.

So it got me thinking…why don’t we start a list of Instagram user names and start following and supporting each other? I’ll start…ours is EastCoastStarz. Follow us!

Interested? Just put your user name in the comment section here, and let’s be friends 🙂



Star Gazer VIP Show….Have You Registered Yet???

It’s open!!!! Registration for our Star Gazer VIP July show is now open!! This show is not judged… just a fun runway show with free photos, couture, and an opportunity to walk the runway the fun way! Have a great reunion with your Take 7 friends, and party the night away with us and Mr. Tim! Open to all ages. This will be the biggest gazer ever!!

Join us for our BIG Summer Fashion Event! July 26th in New Jersey!

star gazer

Photo by Liz Miller Photography

We Are Proud Mommas!

Every time one of our contestants gets signed by an agent, books a job with a photographer, or gets a meeting with a noted manager they met at East Coast Starz we feel like proud mommas! Just this month, we were so happy to congratulate Take 7! Model KIERA who has been signed with Click Models and already booked an editorial shoot, and Kayla and Samantha who were both scouted at East Coast Starz and got appointments with a top NYC agent. Did I already mention how proud I am??? 🙂

 kayla    sam    Keira