Oh Take 8! What a Journey

Ok…so where do I start? This past weekend has been so jammed packed with excitement, there is so much to tell you about! First was the fun of seeing all of our friends again. I know it sounds like a cliche, but Starz is starting to feel a lot like family! The girls all know each other, and are always happy to welcome new friends into their midst!

We were so fortunate this year to welcome famed designer, Nancy Vuu to sponsor as well as take the group photos. Nathan Yungerberg joined Alexi Killmer to take the individual photos…and from what we’ve seen so far, they are amazing!

At night time we celebrated, for the first time, our special “Wishes” party, in which we were fortunate enough to grant 6 special wishes! The girls then danced the night away and had a blast posing in our fun photo booth. Our sponsor, Ecru, had stylists on hand to pamper the girls at their braid salon. What fun!

The weekend ended with our traditional runway show. All teams did such a good10410126_865020996870822_3994075352314166930_n BLA_8526 Nancy Vuu John Zadrozny job walking the pink runway! Can’t wait for Take 9!


Share Your Stories

So, I haven’t been writing this blog for long, but I can already tell you I love it! Love sharing the behind the scenes…reflecting on the fun events we have….but with that said, who can tell these stories better then the girls themselves???

No worries…I am not giving this platform up so quickly, but we did start another blog that will be dedicated to our little fashionistas and their experiences in their own words! So check it out http://eastcoaststarz.blogspot.com/ Remember to follow it, and let us know if you want to contribute your story and pictures!

EastCoastStarz1 Photo by Andres Campos


Les Tout Petits designers Lois and Danny with Team London. Photo from a blog post by Leeza K.