Oh Take 8! What a Journey

Ok…so where do I start? This past weekend has been so jammed packed with excitement, there is so much to tell you about! First was the fun of seeing all of our friends again. I know it sounds like a cliche, but Starz is starting to feel a lot like family! The girls all know each other, and are always happy to welcome new friends into their midst!

We were so fortunate this year to welcome famed designer, Nancy Vuu to sponsor as well as take the group photos. Nathan Yungerberg joined Alexi Killmer to take the individual photos…and from what we’ve seen so far, they are amazing!

At night time we celebrated, for the first time, our special “Wishes” party, in which we were fortunate enough to grant 6 special wishes! The girls then danced the night away and had a blast posing in our fun photo booth. Our sponsor, Ecru, had stylists on hand to pamper the girls at their braid salon. What fun!

The weekend ended with our traditional runway show. All teams did such a good10410126_865020996870822_3994075352314166930_n BLA_8526 Nancy Vuu John Zadrozny job walking the pink runway! Can’t wait for Take 9!


Take 8 – Q&A

The excitement is in the air! Take 8 is less then a month away, and the teams are working diligently to get their team look together!

In the past few weeks we got calls, emails and chats from many of our newer members, asking questions and looking for information, so we thought it will be great to share a quick Q&A we had via Facebook chat with one of our friends.

This is copied directly from Facebook, so it is unedited!

Q: Do I need to bring head shots of my daughter with me?

A: If you are looking for representation, you do. Saturday or Sunday morning there will an opportunity to meet with perspective agents/ managers. You should have copies of head shots with you if you want to attend these meetings (they are optional). The pictures don’t have to be professional.

Q: My daughter is 2. Will I have to  walk her down the runway ?
A: Just play it by ear! Some of the younger kids get a little nervous when its show time, and parents are welcome to take them by the hand and walk with them! But you never know…your kid may surprise you. I’ve seen 2YO completely steal the show and act like total pros before!
Q: Thanks so much for answering all my questions! How long is each day of the weekend ? Can u give me a breakdown of what happens, and what to expect?

A:  Well, I’ll give you a rough, tentative break down based on Take 7, but it may be slightly off. Friday night is orientation and registration. During registration, or sometimes first thing Saturday morning, each group gets her designer sponsor, and each kid will receive an outfit by that sponsor styled by Stacie. On Saturday, in the morning,there will be group photo shoot, and individual photo shoot. If you contract one of the photographers for a private session, it will usually take place Saturday morning as well

In the afternoon, there are meetings with scouting agents and managers (long lines:-)
Late afternoon, there is an activity (it was a scavenger hunt last year) and a party in the evening. Most older girls and moms go for a night swim in the indoor pool after.
Sunday morning starts with an early (optional) runway practice, and then on to the runway shows and awards! woaw…getting tired just thinking about it lol
Q: Thx so much what time does it start @ day?

A: Fairly early, but the schedule changes based on the team time slot. There is some down time in between events.
Q: Do I need to hire a professional hair and makeup artist for the weekend?
A: You can, but it is absolutely optional. There are a few H&M artists that are available for hire during the weekend, but many parents choose to do H&M themselves! Remember that kids need to be camera ready, but natural!
Q: Do I need to pay for additional photo shoots?
A: Again, this is completely optional. Some of the best photographers in the industry will be around that weekend, so if you NEED new head shots this will be a great opportunity to get them.
Q: What should I pack?
A: I recommend bringing many shoes so you will have options. Flats, booties, dress shoes etc. And don’t forget a bathing suit 🙂
Hope this answers your questions. For any additional questions, comment here, and we’ll answer right away. See you in Take 8!

Tune into Bravo TV Tonight!

Tune into BRAVO TV tonight to watch East Coast Starz models rocking the runway on the season finale of New Jersey Housewives for Project Lady Bug, the non-profit organization that was founded by Dina Manzo of the Real House Wives of NJ.  The Ladybug Project brings financial and emotional hope to children and their families undergoing rigorous medical treatments, and we couldn’t be happier to be involved with such an amazing cause. Dina Manzo is an inspiration to the East Coast Starz girls!

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We Hit a Home Run!

This is by far the most exciting thing we’ve ever done! This past Saturday, our very own East Coast Starz kids walked the runway for Amber Sabathia’s CCandy in Yankee Stadium! You heard me correctly…Yankee Stadium!!! We could not believe it ourselves!

Read all about it here: http://www.prlog.org/12368688-east-coast-starz-kids-walk-the-runway-for-ccandy-in-yankee-stadium.htmled


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