East Coast Holiday Photo Contest

East Coast is excited to kick off this holiday season with a photo contest awarding thousands of dollars in trendy couture clothing from STAR GAZER, HOLIDAY CROWNS and PRIZES! We are looking for HOLIDAY THEMED PORTRAITS/PHOTOS ONLY. AGE DIVISIONS.

This contest is open to all girls and ladies! Age categories are as follows and age is determined as of December 11, 2014.

0-12 months Division, 13-23 months Division, 2 yrs. Division, 3 yrs. Division, 4 -5 yrs. Division, 6-7 yrs. Division, 8-9 yrs. Division, 10 -11 yrs. Division, 12-13 yrs. Division, 14-16 yrs. Division, 17-19 yrs. Division, and 20 yrs. and up Division


Photos submitted for the contest can be a headshot, 3/4 length or full length but should clearly show the face of the entrant. Photos must be emailed only after registration is completed to Info@EastCoastStarz.com You will get a confirmation of a successfully accepted entry and entries must be sent by December 22, 2014. Files should be sent as JPEG ONLY and be kept to under 1 MB. These photos will be judged online so giant file sizes are not necessary. Color and black/white photos will be accepted. We are looking for
HOLIDAY THEMED PORTRAITS/PHOTOS ONLY. Photos will be scored as follows:

0-20 1st Impression

0-10 Facial Beauty

0-20 Overall Appeal


Basic Entry to submit one photograph is $20

Additional Photos: $5



0-5 yrs., 6-11 yrs. and 12 yrs.+

We will award one overall winner for this contest, in each of the following breakdowns above. They will receive a GIANT HOLIDAY SNOWMAN CROWN pictured above and Amazing Prize Package!


We will award a WINNER in EVERY age group and she will win a Holiday Crown and Prize Package!

0-12 months Division, 13-23 months Division, 2 yrs. Division, 3 yrs. Division, 4 -5 yrs. Division, 6-7 yrs. Division, 8-9 yrs. Division, 10 -11 yrs. Division, 12-13 yrs. Division, 14-16 yrs. Division and 20 yrs. and up Division




Only the BEST Prizes from East Coast!



Starz alligned for Star Gazer

So this past weekend we held our bi-annual Star Gazer event. Star Gazer is pure fun! It is not judged, and there is no pressure! It is all about couture, friendship and fun! Girls got to pick out their dresses, and this time, mega stylist Stacie outdid herself with incredible selection from Les Tout Petits, Sierra Julianne, Halabaloo and more!

Behind the camera, we were fortunate to have the incredibly talented Nathan Blaney! I will let some of the fabulous pictures speak for themselves!

10383550_879791052060483_8635870471568329893_n 10294439_879791192060469_999543715027554976_n 10599631_879791162060472_1919123159246239398_n


This is such an inspirational story! Here is the press release we issued about this!


New York, NY –November 25, 2014—East Coast Starz, a leading producer of fashion experiences for girls and teens marked National Epilepsy Awareness Month by helping Samantha Buggle to fulfill her dream of modeling, while battling epilepsy.

Samantha, who is known to her family and friends as Sammy, started experiencing generalized epilepsy with absence seizures when she was three. Her seizures are becoming worst as she grows older. She has over 100 seizures a day and her family is still unable to find the right medication to control them.

Today, Sammy is a 10 year old activist for the Epilepsy Foundation of America sharing inspirational videos that she makes with her family on her YouTube channel. Her most recent video “Overcoming Epilepsy with Samantha” has been shared with over seventy thousand people. In the video, Sammy talks about her struggle with epilepsy and how she overcomes the obstacles she faces every day. She also shares her dreams of modelling and acting.

Following the video’s release, East Coast Starz creator, Lauren Handler contacted Samantha and invited her to make her dream of modeling come true. “When I saw Sammy’s video, I knew I had to bring her to East Coast Starz,” says Lauren. “Such a gorgeous girl, inside and out, Sammy exemplifies everything East Coast Starz is all about. Dreaming big…never allowing obstacles to stand in your way, and of course living your dreams with fashion and style!”

“It was really fun modelling at the event,” Says Sammy. “I got to meet all these photographers and agents, and walk the runway. The most fun was meeting the girls though! Everyone was so nice and I fit right in. And the runway was pink!”

“We were so excited and honored that East Coast Starz invited Sammy to participate in Take 8,” Says Janine Buggle, Sammy’s Mother. “Sammy was nothing but smiles as she got her hair done. She had such confidence walking down the runway. Seizures or no seizures, she was doing this and loving every minute of it. I don’t think a dry eye was to be had among my family.  We were so honored and proud of her as she stood up there grinning from ear to ear.”


So Proud of These Girls!

East Coast Starz Participants Help Polish Orphans Stay Warm This Winter

East Coast Starz, a leading producer of unique fashion experiences for girls, held its flagship event, Take 8, this past weekend. During the event, a group of 5 year old participants initiated a coat drive and fund raiser to benefit the Agape Trust orphanage in Poland.

Leading up to the weekend festivities, East Coast Starz participants were divided into small groups and assigned an international fashion “destination.” The girls were encouraged to learn about the history, culture and fashion of their destination, and apply their knowledge into creating a fun and unique fashion look.

“While doing research on our team’s destination, we learned that Poland has an estimated 80,000 orphans and the highest number of orphanages in Central Europe,” said Stacy Saunders, mother of 5 year old participant and team captain Paislee.  “We quickly decided to collect donations for the orphans, and help make their winter just a little bit warmer. Our children are so blessed, so the idea of collecting warm items for our little friends in Poland was a no brainer.”

“We are so incredibly proud of our little Warsaw team,” says Lauren Handler, Co-Director of East Coast Starz. “It was so wonderful to see these girls research their destination, come up with this initiative on their own and collect the coats for the orphans in Poland.  These girls perfectly reflect the values of our organization…teamwork, friendship, kind heartedness and of course lots and lots of style!”


Oh Take 8! What a Journey

Ok…so where do I start? This past weekend has been so jammed packed with excitement, there is so much to tell you about! First was the fun of seeing all of our friends again. I know it sounds like a cliche, but Starz is starting to feel a lot like family! The girls all know each other, and are always happy to welcome new friends into their midst!

We were so fortunate this year to welcome famed designer, Nancy Vuu to sponsor as well as take the group photos. Nathan Yungerberg joined Alexi Killmer to take the individual photos…and from what we’ve seen so far, they are amazing!

At night time we celebrated, for the first time, our special “Wishes” party, in which we were fortunate enough to grant 6 special wishes! The girls then danced the night away and had a blast posing in our fun photo booth. Our sponsor, Ecru, had stylists on hand to pamper the girls at their braid salon. What fun!

The weekend ended with our traditional runway show. All teams did such a good10410126_865020996870822_3994075352314166930_n BLA_8526 Nancy Vuu John Zadrozny job walking the pink runway! Can’t wait for Take 9!